On Wednesday, November 4, a group of 25 Carlynton Cougars, ranging from second grade to tenth grade, toured our 61,000-square foot invention factory.

The doors of Inventionland were opened this week to 25 eager students from the Carlynton School District, who were led on a tour of our creative design facility by none other than Tony of George Davison Studios.

“For me, it starts from out there,” said Tony, who always attempts to foster excitement and engagement before visitors even step foot inside of Inventionland.

Tony Allen - Carlynton Cougars Tour GuideThe group of Carlynton Cougars was excited to tour our space and throughout the day they peppered Allen with lots of great questions as they entered each set. Of course, no question was off limits, so some of the students asked their fair share of silly, but valid, questions!

“Is the water real or is it Jello?” was a question that was asked regarding the aqua blue water that’s used in the various ponds around Inventionland.

This wasn’t some of the students’ first rodeos; in fact, some of these bright minds visited Inventionland two years ago. But, nonetheless, these Carlynton Cougars were still wide-eyed with amazement!

But, the fun of an Inventionland tour isn’t reserved for our guests; Allen said that he loves the tours just as much!

“I like seeing the light bulbs go off in their heads. It’s one thing to see their amazement; but, it’s another to see them actually learn. That’s key for me,” he said.

Allen is no stranger to helping kids engage in the learning process as he and his wife homeschool their own children and he is also a youth football coach, too!

“They were a whole lot of fun. I really enjoyed this group. I love being a part of the kids’ tours here!” said Tony.

A special thanks to the Carlynton Cougars for spending the day with us! If you’d like to see Inventionland for yourself, schedule a tour, today!

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