The 2015 Inventionland Halloween party was hauntingly good and we have the pictures to prove it!

That’s a wrap! In true mummy fashion, the 2015 Inventionland Halloween Party wrapped up without a hitch and turned out to be one of the best Halloween parties to date. Special thanks to the great efforts and planning by Industrial Engineer Sarah and Inventionland’s Michael otherwise known as “Spicy” (Special Operations).

George Davison Studios Vice President of Production Sam acted as emcee for the evening as Halloween party guests entered an extra-eerie Inventionland, filled with spooky fog and creepy music, which echoed from the new haunted house, a big attraction at the party perhaps because of its tricks, but also for its treats.

Spicy treated scared haunted house visitors with themed snacks like Hugs Fruit Barrels (Too Scared! Need a Hug?), Mountain Dew (Bravery Needs Fuel. Do the Dew.), and York Peppermint Patties (Ghost Candy. Feel the chill.).

Inventionland Halloween Party - Skeleton Inventionland Halloween Party - Treats

But, these treats were not the only food that guests enjoyed.

Sarah planned and ordered the main entrees from Carnivores of Oakmont, who she notes did a great job getting the large order of food ready for the party. The Inventionland Halloween party had everything from pot stickers to pepper-jack cheese balls to chicken fingers and more, as well as the beverages.

Inventionland Halloween Party - FoodInventionland Halloween Party







“Obviously I am a fan of beer, so it was fun to pick out different kinds for everyone. There wasn’t a lot left over, so that had to be a good sign,” said Sarah of the food and beer.

“I really enjoyed being part of the planning committee. It is tough to please everyone in a party as big as this, but I think we did well! Hopefully everyone had as much fun at the party as I had being a part of planning it!” said Sarah.

From the looks of the photos below, it’s safe to say everyone had a ghastly good time. If you’d like to see more fun photos from the Inventionland Halloween party, head on over to the Inventionland Facebook page.

Don’t forget to check back on Monday for an exclusive look at the extremely inventive costumes that took home winning prizes!

Inventionland Halloween Party - CostumesInventionland Halloween Party - Inside the partyInventionland Halloween Party - Party

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