Though Santa has come and gone for another year, we can’t help but take a look at some of the most innovative gifts for makers, creators and inventors alike! Check them out!

At Inventionland, it’s safe to say that both creativity and innovation are alive and well in our invention factory. Just take Designer Tess for example. Her innovative spirit doesn’t stop when her day at work is done, because in true maker fashion, Tess creates amazing pieces of art that include ornaments and a wide array of watercolor pieces. Her artwork RAWks!

That’s not all though, Inventionland Packaging Engineer Trevor is also a creative person who uses his talents in an inventive way – check it out!

But, outside the walls of our 61,000 square-foot invention factory lies a world that is also filled with innovation.

Maybe this year you didn’t get that cool present you were hoping for. Have no fear; it’s never too late to treat yourself to some of the innovative gifts of 2015. Without further ado, here are three 3D products that will evoke your sense of creativity.

3Doodler - Innovative Gifts

3Doodler – Could you imagine the things that you could create with a 3D printing pen?  Just take the 3Doodler for example. This pen takes your seemingly normal doodles and creates them in another dimension! This innovative pen will allow you, the maker, the chance to make 3D-printed doodles in just minutes. You literally draw in the air and voila – your creation is complete!

HP-Zvr-Display - Innovative Gifts

HP Zvr Display – This 3D-enabled desktop computer display is equipped with 3D glasses that will take a person’s internet gaming to a whole new level. That’s not all; this product also comes with a stylus that gives users the ability to move and work with objects on the screen to improve the interactive user experience!

Osmo - Innovative Gifts

Osmo – Treat the innovative child in your life with Osmo – a game system that promotes hands-on play. Osmo mirrors the iPad’s camera lens and projects the image to the table, which then allows kids to mesh together digital apps with physical objects like blocks, markers and even coloring sheets!

Maybe Santa didn’t bring you the extra-special innovative gift that you’ve been dreaming about this year. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time you take matters into your own hands and submit your idea, today!

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