During this final month of 2014 we are beginning to see a rise in the number of “best of” lists that are published. So, it is only fitting that we take a closer look at one of those lists from TIME Magazine to explore some of the best inventions of 2014.

Recently, TIME Magazine released their list of “The 25 Best Inventions of 2014.” While you won’t find any specific products that we designed at Inventionland on TIME’s list, you certainly will recognize some of the technology and innovation behind the products that emerged on top of 2014′s “best invention” ranking.

We’ve selected five of TIME’s 25 that stood out to us for a variety of reasons:

1. The Real-Life Hoverboard


Thanks to Hendo, Marty McFly isn’t the only cool cat you may be able to see soaring through the air on a Hoverboard. For a mere $10,000 (insert gasp here!), a person can levitate for around 15 minutes on a Hendo Hoverboard. It may not be practical just yet, but the Hoverboard technology has the ability to make a greater impact in the world, too. It possibly could to help stabilize buildings during earthquakes or protect other valuables. We’re particularly fond of the Hendo Hoverboard, because it bears a striking resemblance to our auto-industry changing Hover Creeper!

2. 3D-Printed Everything

3D printer

It is becoming more and more obvious that 3D-printing capabilities are pretty much limitless. From candy to car parts, 3D printers can really do it all. This invention made our list because we can’t get enough of 3D printing at Inventionland, either. Our rapid-prototyping technicians actually are in the process of 3D printing their very own, fully-functioning 3D printer!

3. The Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick Invention-TIME

Although the selfie may never be responsible for curing disease or creating world peace, we’ve got to admit that pretty much everyone with a social media account or a smartphone (which is pretty much EVERYONE!) has taken, at least, one selfie. If you have tried, you know that it is not that easy to take a great shot of yourself. With the invention of the Selfie Stick, capturing those oh-so-necessary poses is much easier!

4. Wrappers You Can Eat

Edible Wrappers- TIME

Talk about a packaging solution! Wikipearls are edible wrappers for things like yogurt, cheese and ice cream that you can buy at Whole Foods stores. They’re currently sold in biodegradable bags, but the company’s ultimate goal is to sell them a la carte, like you can buy apples or oranges!

5. Screens that Showcase Digital Art

Electric Objects Digital Art Display- TIME

Like so many other industries today, art has gone digital; and, with the invention of Electric Objects, digital art now can be displayed on the wall. The flat screen as pictured above from The Collective Loop, is wired to display digital art. An accompanying app allows users to change their artwork with just a simple swipe!

These are just five of TIME’s innovative list. See TIME’s entire “The 25 Best Inventions of 2014″ list here.

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