Inventionland tours are never a bore and this week we had tours galore!

Our Inventionland tour guide-extraordinaire, Sam, led two groups through our creative workspace this week, Elizabeth Forward Middle School students and the Industrial and Entertainment Design students from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Though these groups have two completely different backgrounds, they shared one commonality, their intrigue of our invention factory!

On Monday, November 23, the quiet, but “very receptive” group, as Sam noted of Elizabeth Forward Middle School students, arrived at Inventionland.

As with many young groups that come through our creative design facility, such as the Veracious Vermies robotics team that toured last week, this group of middle school students all seemed to be very interested in one day working at Inventionland!

 Elizabeth Forward Inventionland ToursElizabeth Forward Inventionland Tours_

It’s through these young, creative minds that their imaginations are in overdrive as to how they see their future may unfold and what career path they will take.

Now, on the other side of the coin, the Industrial and Entertainment Design students from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh have been working for the past four years to set their career path in college.

As expected from a group of college students, this group was even more interested in career opportunities.

“These students were very attentive and embraced everything here,” said Sam.

“They get a sense of having skilled workers all in one place – designers, engineers and builders for example – but even more so, the collaboration that’s involved,” said Sam.

Not to mention, everyone and everything is all under one roof.

“It really makes you think. Everything is covered in our process. You develop this great appreciation for all of these elements that come together, just like our people in terms of collaboration, all under one roof,” he said.

“It really opens people’s eyes,” said Sam regarding tours of Inventionland.

Visitors come to better understand the journey of a product idea as it goes from engineering, to a working prototype, to an actual product, to packaging – vital in telling the product’s story. It’s all part of the process, with each part as equally important as the other because it all works together as part of the creation process.

It’s through an Inventionland tour that people begin to understand our process.

If you’re interested in taking your own tour of Inventionland, click here and book today!

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