Where Product Prototypes Get Dressed for Success

Similar to the way that products are designed and engineered at Inventionland, product packaging is first designed, then engineered upon client approval. Using the product dimensions that are calculated in the engineering phase of the product development process, packaging and graphics artists work side by side to design attractive, cost-effective product packaging.

The 3D computer-generated package designs that are created at Inventionland include everything from artwork and product labels to necessary dielines, bleeds and blisters. Thanks to the precision of the 3D-designed packaging, Inventionland engineers are able to build product packaging within days if necessary. So, the packaging that is created at Inventionland not only looks good on paper, but also attractively fits on store shelves.

Packaging Design “Magic” = Cost-Effective Savings for Retailers

In the case of the Fuel Helmet’s product packaging, Inventionland designed and engineered a package that actually enables consumers to try on motorcycle helmets without removing the packaging. That ease for the consumer translates into savings for retailers and manufacturers, who are able to avoid the repackaging costs that can come from damaged packaging. That’s why the real packaging solutions created at Inventionland are easily able to be sold on store shelves.