It’s that time again when we unveil our latest episode of Inside Inventionland. This one “seams” to be just as interesting as the first three!

This isn’t the first time you’ve met Inventionland Master Seamstress, Bev. In fact, we introduced you to this talented Creationeer on National Sew Be It Day!

Today, we’re back with Bev and in this episode of Inside Inventionland, she explains that for her, her knack for sewing was inherently a family tradition. Her story begins when she started out by making small purses, which evolved into her making clothing for her family (seven brothers and her parents) as well as clothes for herself!

“I think, pretty much, I could make anything,” says Bev.

Though she admits that the work isn’t always so glamorous, it’s without doubt that it’s fulfilling.

“Put me a in a room, let me sew and I’ll be happy,” she says.

Sew, what exactly makes Bev happy? Check out this week’s segment of Inside Inventionland to find out!

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