Who’s inventive costumes deserved honorable mention at this year’s Halloween party? Keep reading to find out!

We know that when a bunch of designers and engineers get together for Halloween, they bring their best costume game.

While not everyone at the 2015 Inventionland Halloween party could take away top prizes, there were several inventive costumes that deserve some accolades for their innovation!

Designer Tess upped the ante when she showed up to the Inventionland Halloween party with her “Masquerade Face Off” costume.

Though it might not seem too creepy at first glance, if you look again, you’d be a “bloody” liar if you didn’t think this creative costume wasn’t creepy!

Tess Kamban -Inventive Costume

Her inspiration for this costume came from something that she saw online. From there, she was inspired to create her own version.

“I’ve always loved the thought of a masquerade [costume], so it was really fun to make!” said Tess.

So, what all went into the makings of this costume? For starters, she did her usual makeup but then added stage blood where the mask would cover and allowed it to drip as though in her own words, “it was ripped off!”

From there, she turned to Bev, our talented seamstress here at Inventionland, for her expert opinion on her bustle skirt.

“I wanted to have somewhat of a 20th century feel. I pulled a few feathers from the bustle skirt and neck piece and added it to the side of the mask to help tie it all together.” said Tess.

Tess Kamban -Inventive CostumeTess Kamban -Inventive Costume

Finally, the mask was no easy task as Tess informed us; it took quite some time to make it look like her skin in addition to adding the stage blood and stitches. “It was a pretty messy process!” she said.

The Inventionland Halloween party wasn’t the only event where her “Masquerade Face Off” costume made an appearance. In fact, she also wore it at an art gallery showing at Lucifer’s Gallery in Pittsburgh, where she was able to showcase some of her creepier watercolor paintings!

Tess Kamban watercolor paintings - Inventive costumes

For husband and wife Jon (Builder) and Sharon (Prototype Builder), their costume was a family affair; they even brought their little dog Willow into it, too!

“We wanted to do something together,” said Jon. “Sharon really wanted Willow to be part of it; she loves that dog,” he said.

Both Sharon and Jon worked together to create a jailhouse costume that was made of cardboard.

Sharon painted the entire exterior so that it would look like stones. “She’s an awesome painter!” said Jon, who also did some painting himself.

“I used scrap PVC and metallic paint to make the jailhouse look like it had real iron bars,” said Jon.

Sharon and Jon George -Inventive Costumes

The entire costume took about eight to 10 hours to construct and at the party, Sharon played “Jail House Rock” from a Bluetooth speaker that they incorporated into the costume by creating an “old time speaker on the outside of the jailhouse,” Jon noted.

For their jail suits, Sharon and Jon went to Goodwill, where they found a striped baby onesie for Willow and then headed to Home Depot for painters’ suits that they taped off and spray-painted with stripes.

Sharon and Jon George -Inventive Costumes

While the pair didn’t take home any top prizes, their jailhouse will now be incorporated in Inventionland Halloween parties for years to come!

The party may be over, but there’s one more insanely creepy character still walking around Inventionland. Check back Monday to see who we’re talking about.

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