Over the past 365 days, the invention world has grown by leaps and bounds! At Inventionland, we focused in on the excitement on our blog and talked about the latest and greatest accomplishments in 3D printing, laser cutting, prototyping and everything in between.

Since today is New Year’s Day, as we welcome 2015, we thought we would give 2014 once last look.

Without further ado, here’s a glance back at some of the interesting invention stories that we covered in 2014!

 WinSun 3D printed homes

3D-printed Homes:

One of our very first Inventionland blogs featured a Chinese company by the name of WinSun Decoration Design Engineering. This company used their 3D printer to rapidly build 10 one-story houses in less than 24 hours! It was innovation like this that really sparked our interest!

Laser Cutting artwork

Laser Cutting Creativity:

At Inventionland, we use our laser cutting machines to create intricately-engraved items out of plastic, cardboard, wood and other materials. It’s inside of our Laser Shop that our high-heat laser cutters help us bring to life our creative ideas. So, it was no surprise that this artist’s laser-cutting expertise intrigued us!


Smile! We Were on Khawatir!

Representatives from the popular Middle Eastern TV show “Khawatir” stopped into Inventionland for a visit in early spring. We were more than happy to welcome our international guests to our 61,000 square foot design facility!

FIFA World Cup

Magic Spray at the FIFA World Cup:

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, referees used magic spray to keep a defensive wall 10 yards from the ball during free kicks. At Inventionland, we thought that this invention was “magic!”

Bazis International

Bazis Gives Inventionland an “Amazing” Review:

Bazis saved the best for last when they featured our very own design facility, Inventionland, on their “Amazing Work Spaces from Around the World” list!

Martha Stewart

Even Martha Stewart Loves 3D Printing!

Martha Stewart was on the hunt for a 3D printer prototype to print her own products! And 3D print her own products is exactly what she did! In fact, the queen of anything and everything domestic partnered with MakerBot to 3D print products for her Martha Stewart Living line.

Steve Harvey Show- Mr. Davison

Mr. Davison and Steve Harvey:

This year, our very own founder and CEO Mr. George Davison was a judge on the Steve Harvey show’s “Pitch to Win” inventing contest! As if being on Steve Harvey’s show wasn’t great enough, Mr. D’s expert tips are featured on the Steve Harvey show website as well!

Manufacturer of the Year Award 2014

Inventionland is a Manufacturer of the Year Finalist:

As the icing on the cake that was 2014, what better way to end the year than to be recognized by The Pittsburgh Business Times as a 2014 Manufacturer of the Year finalist?

Though that’s just a brief recap of 2014, take a look at our Inventionland blog to read more about the latest and greatest innovations in the invention industry and what’s happening around our very own Inventionland!

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2015!

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